📆 July 3, 2022 | ⏱️ 2 minute read

Why Biden Should Expand The Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has gone rogue.

It contains three appointees by the wannabe dictator insurrectionist and two from George W. Bush. Both of these men only won because of election rigging tactics, making them and their appointees illegitimate to boot. And then there’s one George H. W. Bush appointee.

The illegitimate radical conservative majority in the Supreme Court gutted abortion rights for women, so women will be forced to have children under threat of jail time in many states. The Court has decided that it has the authority to challenge all federal regulations and that the Environmental Protection Agency isn’t permitted to do its job. The Court essentially stripped away the Miranda warning. And the Court is eroding the separation of church and state, pushing burgerland one step closer to theocracy.

Biden could expand the Supreme Court and have all these radical idiotic rulings undone, but he said he doesn’t want the Supreme Court to be turned into a “political football”. His opponent in the 2020 presidential election incited an insurrection to overthrow democracy and he’s worried about packing an already illegitimate Supreme Court?

If we had a more tame political environment that still respected precedent, I might agree with him that packing the Court is a bad strategy. But if the wannabe dictator successfully rigs the next election, he will do everything in his power to turn this country into a fascist dictatorship anyways.

He wouldn’t even concede the last election. He clearly doesn’t give a damn about precedent. The only reason burgerland isn’t a dictatorship is thanks to decent morally upstanding people, both democrat and republican, who resisted his relentless pursuit for power.

When your only political opponent is a power hungry fascist bully who doesn’t respect precedent or norms, who will do everything he legally can to gain power along with some illegal things too, who would rather see a civil war than concede, then not packing the Court is just plain stupid. Who is Biden trying to impress? The supporters of his fascist opponent will never vote for him anyways and he’ll please much of his voter base by doing so. I really hope he changes his mind about the Supreme Court, but I doubt he will.