Glossary (Archive)

This glossary exists for archival purposes only. I am keeping it around only so old journal entry’s links don’t break. I won’t link to it in any new journal entries. Here are my reasons:


The word alien carries a negative connotation of strangeness. It should not be used to describe unauthorized immigrants.


In support of oppressing homosexuals.


In support of oppressing muslims. Antimuslim people are usually racists. However, being anti-Islam or anti-religion does not make you antimuslim.

Antisocial media

Online platforms that invade users’ privacy for money. Antisocial media promotes human conflict, phone addiction, depression, anxiety, poor social skills, constantly comparing oneself to others, and the illusion of real human connection.


In support of oppressing transgender people.


Someone twelve years of age or less. Calling adolescents and teenagers children is condescending.


To use up. Downloading online content (e.g. movies, music, videos, videogames, e-books) leaves the original copy intact, so it is misleading to say online content is consumed.

Digital Skinner box

A digital environment that conditions people to certain behaviors in much the same way psychologist B.F. Skinner conditioned rats using behavioral reinforcements. Antisocial media and many online videogames are digital skinner boxes.

Digital tulips

Cryptocurrency. A reference to tulip mania of the Dutch Golden Age.

The disease-spreading party

The Republican party. Republicans blocked federal funding for Covid vaccines and treatment while buying stocks to profit from the deaths.

Disloyalty program

A rewards-based marketing strategy which offers discounts to consumers who forfeit their privacy.


When corporations like BP, Chevron, Exxon, and others destroy nature for profit. When concerned citizens intervene, eco-terrorist thugs come to arrest them.


A more accurate name for Facebook.

Faux News

Faux News (also called Fox News) is a worthless propaganda factory poorly disguised as a news network. It spreads conspiracies, fear, and lies round the clock.

The exploitation economy

The gig economy.

Global heating

Climate change.

High Support Needs Autism

The term “low-functioning autism” promotes the false idea that one is incapable of doing anything independently. Calling it “high support needs autism” seeks to clear up the confusion.


Someone with blatant disregard for the alignment of their words and actions. Not someone who imperfectly adheres to their own principles.


Someone who is always in their cellphone. Every activity an in-cell does is interrupted by incessant smartphone usage and notification checking. Being an in-cell is the norm now.


A weasel word used to criticize something when there’s no valid criticism.

The injustice system

A vengeful legal system which uses the incoherent concept of free will to justify keeping people in cruel and inhumane conditions.

The lesser of two evils party

The Democratic party. Corporate democrats suck, but at least they’re not Republicans.

Low Support Needs Autism

The term “high-functioning autism” promotes the false idea that no extra support or accommodations are needed. Calling it “low support needs autism” seeks to clear up the confusion.

Naïve cynic

Someone who considers themselves a skeptic, but in reality is so cynical that they assume the worst without evidence and are prone to conspiracy theories.

Pass (away)

A euphemism for avoiding the reality of death.


An entity that advocates policies which worsen global heating.

Police officer

A respectable, hardworking person who doesn’t act like a thug.

The prohibition fallacy

An informal fallacy in which the effects of something are conflated with the effects of its prohibition.

Schrödinger’s douchebag

Someone who makes bigoted statements, then decides whether or not they were “just joking/trolling” based on others’ approval. This way, they avoid ever admitting to being wrong.

Surveillance camera

A camera that robs everyone’s privacy so its owner(s) can get a relatively small financial/security benefit. Most so-called “security cameras” are really surveillance cameras. For example: Walmart uses AI cameras that monitor millions of innocent shoppers so it can catch just a few thieves.




A badge-and-gun-wielding predator who attacks nonviolent protesters, jails peaceful drug users, harasses the poor, and lies in court to defend other thugs.

The wannabe dictator

Donald Trump.

The War on Drugs

A bullshit jobs program started for racist reasons that wastes trillions of tax dollars, militarizes the police, skyrockets the prison population, causes carnage and corruption in Latin America, tears apart families, spreads lies about drugs, stigmatises their users, disenfranchises millions, and is an excuse thugs use to violate human rights.

Toxic positivity

Invalidating others’ emotions, pretending you’re always happy, finding silver linings where none exist, and expecting good outcomes when bad outcomes are more likely. It can be summed up with the phrase “good vibes only”.


Reject the idea that a person’s worth is measured by their financial assets.