📆 June 29, 2022 | ⏱️ 3 minute read

Lock Him Up

January 6th Hearings

I’ve been keeping my eye on the January 6th hearings watching Robert Reich’s videos summarizing the key revelations from each day. I’ll put the links to those at the bottom. I’d like to make a meta summary on Robert Reich’s key revelations in case you haven’t been following the hearings.

Day 1

The committee showed a link between the wannabe dictator’s tweets and the violent extremist groups storming the United States Capitol like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys.


Day 2

After election night, officials of the wannabe dictator knew he lost the election and told him so. He refused to concede, instead proclaiming victory and inspiring a violent attempted coup at the United States Capitol. State officials testified showing all the wannabe dictator’s claims of election fraud to be entirely fabricated.


Day 3

The committee showed the wannabe dictator’s crackpot legal theory that Mike Pence had the authority to block Joe Biden’s win was unconstitutional. White House lawyers told him so, but of course he completely ignored them, instead inspiring his deluded violent cult members to try to murder the vice president for not validating his lunacy.


Day 4

GOP officials testified that they received threats from the wannabe dictator and his cronies for doing their jobs. A Georgia poll worker testified that the wannabe dictator targeted her personally, causing her to receive racist death threats. Right before the hearing, the wannabe dictator claimed one of the witnesses told him the election was rigged. The witness denied it.


Day 5

Witnesses from the Department of Justice testified that the wannabe dictator tried to get them to sign a letter to convene a special session to consider approving a new slate of electors to sabotage the Georgia elections.

According to former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, the wannabe dictator told him to “just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen.” Luckily the folks in the Department of Justice had enough sense to refuse his insane, illegal, and unconstitutional suggestion.


Day 6

Finally, a White House staffer testified that the head of security detail recounted the following story to her: The wannabe dictator was in the car thinking he was headed to the capitol during the January 6th coup attempt when he was actually going to the west wing.

Upon learning this, he demanded to be taken to the capitol. When the Secret Service refused to take him because of safety reasons, he went into a violent rage, trying to take the wheel of the vehicle and attacking the driver.


Lock Him Up

I sensed the wannabe dictator’s fascist tendencies way before he was even elected. Although I couldn’t have predicted the attempted coup, I wasn’t surprised about it. The evidence against him is beyond a reasonable doubt and gets stronger by the day. Even his own daughter Ivanka said the election wasn’t stolen and begged him to stop the violent mob on January 6th.

Attorney General Merrick Garland must indict this dangerous authoritarian lunatic and all those who have enabled him. This is so much bigger than Watergate. The evidence against him is so overwhelming that failure to indict him would set a precedent that presidents are above the law. Presidents must be subject to laws, just like everybody else. He must be indicted.