📆 January 20, 2022 | ⏱️ 2 minute read

On Drug Checking Tools

Why Are Drug Checking Tools Illegal?

Why are drug checking tools illegal in the US? The overwhelming evidence is that drug testing kits save lives, yet many US states still criminalize them. Testing kits are considered drug paraphernalia, which is the government’s way of saying “It’s something to do with illegal drugs and illegal drugs are bad, so it’s also illegal and bad.”

If that sounds like the logic of a preschooler, that’s because it is. The only difference is a preschooler doesn’t know the word paraphernalia. Why bother with evidence or statistics when you can criminalize things without a reason?

What could possibly be the reason for making drug testing kits illegal? Even conservatives don’t believe drug addicts will forego their fix just because they can’t test their substance. Criminalizing drug checking tools only makes people less safe. Where is the bipartisan push to legalize these drug checking tools?

Not only is the US government telling people what they can put inside their own body, but they also prohibit people from even testing the substances they put in their own body. How does that make any sense? What’s the justification?

Who Benefits From Draconian Anti-Safety Laws?

I’m no libertarian, but if prohibiting people from testing substances they’re going to put inside their body isn’t tyrannical, I don’t know what is. I assume the beneficiaries of this insanely idiotic anti-safety law are the usual suspects: thugs, cartels, and sometimes banksters.


Thugs want to prolong the war on drugs to get fatter budgets. Drugs are their excuse to expand their power so they can stomp on people’s rights in new ways, moving the US closer to fascism.


The cartels rely on drugs as a major source of profit. Without it, they’ll lose money. Crime and violence would go down, but that only directly benefits non-rich people, so politicians don’t care.

Big Banks

The banksters also take their cut of the war on drugs. Big banks launder billions worth of illegal cartel money. Destroying people’s lives is very lucrative.


Weakening of drug laws means these three groups lose money. They’re determined to make sure that doesn’t happen because apparently money is more important to them than the millions of lives the war on drugs is ruining.