📆 October 30, 2020 | ⏱️ 2 minute read | 🏷️ journal updates

Site Update 001

What’s New

I just finished migrating this site to a new server in Poland and I made a few changes along the way. I added IPv6 support to the site. I cleaned up the about page and added some context to give the site a clear purpose. The primary crypto donation method is now Monero instead of Bitcoin. It’s better for privacy. I also switched from Ko-fi to Liberapay. Liberapay supports multiple currencies and languages. It’s a non-profit that handles transactions transparently with free software.

As for the site mirrors, I removed the SIUe mirror since it’s insecure and I seem to have lost access since I don’t attend any more. I changed the onion address to a new vanity onion. I also registered my I2P site with zzz’s I2P domain name service so it’s more memorable. It will take up to a week to propagate through all the nodes, so you’ll have to use the direct base32 address or a jump service to access this blog over I2P for now. I don’t plan on changing the links again so it’s safe to bookmark the new onion address and I2P link. I’ve made a backup of the private keys for the eepsite, onion, and Zeronet addresses. In the event of a future server migration, I’ll be able to keep the addresses the same.