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Feel free to encrypt emails to me with Age.

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I publish old DKIM private keys for better email deniability.

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Signing Key

My Signify key is my root of trust. Use git-signify to verify my signed releases.

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Git Repositories

Primary Mirror

👁️ ICANN Site

🧅 I2P Site

🧅 Tor Site

Softwareheritage.org Mirror

👁️ ICANN Site


For maximum privacy/security, use I2P or Tor.

Primary Mirror

👁️ ICANN Capsule
👁️ ICANN Site

🧅 I2P Capsule
🧅 I2P Site

🧅 Tor Capsule
🧅 Tor Site

Archive.org Mirror

👁️ ICANN Site

AI Disclosure

Large language models are not used to generate any content appearing on this journal.


I will allow donations as soon as it’s possible to make online payments anonymously without cryptocurrency.

💸 GNU Taler