📆 December 9, 2023 | ⏱️ 2 minute read | 🏷️ journal updates

Journal Update 26: Taking a Step Back

As some of you have noticed, I journal a lot. I’ve gone the past three and a half odd years averaging two-hundred nine words per day, one new entry every four to five days, and with the largest time gap between entries being less than a month long. There are still so many topics I want to write about and I don’t feel anywhere close to burnt out.

Unfortunately writing eats up a lot of my time and energy, more than meets the eye. When you read this journal, you don’t see all the research, the editing, the revising, nor the thinking that goes into it. A journal entry that takes you a few minutes to read takes me hours to write. Taking into account how much and how frequently I write and the deep thinking that’s characteristic of my writing, it becomes obvious that I’m spending a lot of time on this journal.

I’ll soon turn twenty-five years old. That means that somewhere between a third and a fourth of my life will have passed. I’m not making nearly as much progress as I need to on my big-picture life goals and I don’t think I can when so much of my time and motivation is going into writing instead. So I’m going to take a much-needed step back for a while.

What I mean by “take a step back” is that I won’t be writing much, if anything, for at least the next few months and probably longer. I have no plans to abandon this journal. Once I’m achieving some of my big-picture goals, I’ll probably come back to continue writing. So if you have my journal on your feed, please stay subscribed. If you don’t use a feed reader, just set a calendar event to check back every six months or so.

A big thanks to all of you who have kept up with my journal over the years, made comments and suggestions, or donated money.

I’ll see you when I see you.