📆 November 19, 2022 | ⏱️ 1 minute read

[Website] GetHuman

Most of you reading this have probably had the experience of dealing with large company’s customer service lines. You dial or talk through the automated menu trying to get a human on the other end to resolve your problem, but all you get is a useless robot that can’t help you with your unique situation.

Luckily there’s GetHuman, a directory of guides instructing how to get a real live human being on the phone. I’ve seen some bad reviews, but I’ve used the directory a couple times before and it’s never failed me. So I thought “Why not share it? Other people might find it as useful as I do.”

I recommend visiting the website with JavaScript disabled to block the Goolag tracking ads. Also, please don’t download the mobile app. It’s non-free software.