📆 8 Apr 2022 | ⏱️ 1 minute read

Taking Back The Web With Haketilo

About a month ago, I announced[1] my LibrePlanet presentation “Taking Back The Web With Haketilo”. In case you missed the livestream, there’s now a final, edited copy available on the LibrePlanet website.[2] Find the direct link here.[3]

There is room for self-improvement, but I think the final copy turned out fine and I attribute that to the rehearsing I did the weeks prior to the talk. If you have extra time, please also watch Amin Bandali’s talk “The Net Beyond The Web”.[4] Find the direct link here.[5]

Diversity of opinion is important when we’re talking about solutions for the Web. I shouldn’t be the only voice on such a big topic. So if you watch my presentation, please watch his as well.

🔗 1: Come Watch Me Present at LibrePlanet
🔗 2: LibrePlanet Link (my talk)
🔗 3: LibrePlanet Direct Link (my talk)
🔗 4: LibrePlanet Link (Amin’s talk)
🔗 5: LibrePlanet Direct Link (Amin’s talk)