📆 March 18, 2021 | ⏱️ 1 minute read | 🏷️ computing

[Video] Monero: More Anonymous Than Cash


If Bitcoin were as anonymous as most people think it is then the government would be pressuring exchanges to delist it. But they’re not. The IRS would be offering cash prizes to anyone who could reliably trace transactions. That’s also not happening. You’d have the corporate media keeping quiet about it, not mentioning it and hoping it goes away. But the media won’t shut up about Bitcoin.

Why are the powers that be so friendly to Bitcoin?


As it turns out, Bitcoin isn’t as anonymous as people think. It’s actually very easy for anyone to trace transactions. Monero is what people think Bitcoin is: an anonymous, untraceable digital currency. All those things are happening, just not to Bitcoin. Monero is getting delisted, the IRS is trying to trace it and it gets no mainstream media coverage. Big banks and financial institutions don’t hate Bitcoin. They hate Monero.

Watch The Hated One’s video for a more detailed analysis of Monero:

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