📆 January 7, 2021 | ⏱️ 1 minute read

[Podcast] Why Trump is Unfit For Office

In his Making Sense podcast Sam Harris talks about why Donald Trump is unfit for public office. For reference, these clips come from Making Sense episodes #38 and #45. They were recorded before the 2016 presidential election but the past 4 years have only shown how right Harris was in his judgment of Trump. I haven’t seen anyone else speak with the same clarity and completeness about Trump as Harris, so that’s why I picked these clips.

I had a very similar if not the same opinion of Trump 4 years ago. I immediately recognized him as a narcissistic unintelligent con man unfit for public office. If I had expressed my opinion at the time in writing it probably would have sounded much like these clips from the Making Sense podcast. Although much has happened since 2016, I still find these clips worth sharing.